Ooyala & Adobe CQ5 integration

CQ5 & Ooyala

Two of the best features of Adobe CQ5 are a) the extensibility of the architecture, and b) the great user experience for content producers / authors.  A great example of the two coming together is the new package for CQ5, which integrates the video streaming platform Ooyala into CQ5.

Adobe & Ooyala partner Siteworx were able to easily create a reusable integration package to allow anyone with both CQ5 and Ooyala to combine the two quite easily.

Once installed, you simply drag and drop a Ooyala video component onto the page, search for the video in the new Ooyala tab in the CQ5 content finder, then drag it onto the video control.


Take a look at the video below for a quick 2 minute demo.


Once you download the package (details below) there is a quick set up needed to link to your account. Just log into Ooyala Backlot, grab your API Key & Secret and enter them into your setup. Thats it!

BTW- Don’t bother trying to copy my API keys, I changed a lot of the numbers and letters before taking the screenshot so it wont work 🙂



Siteworx also provided an Uploader screen so you can upload an asset directly to Ooyala without having to leave CQ5. Nice!!





Regardless of what video solution you use, be it Ooyala, Brightcove or Adobe’s own Scene7 service, know that CQ5 has the extensibility to integrate and support your video needs.

Download the CQ5/Ooyala Integtraion code from GitHub. Great work SiteWorx!


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