Adobe CQ5 & OpenCalais Integration

The team over at Cognified, Adobe Solutions Partner with many CQ5 projects under their belt, have taken advantage of the extensibility of CQ and integrated it with OpenCalais.

OpenCalais extends CQ5’s built in tagging & SEO support by automatically analyzing submitted text and generating rich semantic metadata, part of which are entities that can be used for content tagging. OpenCalais uses many techniques to generate this metadata including natural language processing and machine learning. The toolkit can find entities like people, places, organizations, technical terms and many, many others.

Cognified have wrapped up the integration into CQ5 package for simple deployment. Pages routed via workflow can then add a new “OpenCalais” tagging step. This routes content to OpenCalais, gets the tags back, then adds them to the page. Simple and fantastic.


Check out the blog post outlining the integration and a link to download the CQ5 package. Great work guys!



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  1. August 28, 2012

    Metadata tags – interesting, but by themselves, their value is limited. We love it when our users enrich their applications by integrating OpenCalais functionality.
    Fran Sansalone
    OpenCalais Community Manager

  2. September 18, 2012

    Hi Fran Sansalone,

    So if a site is developed in cq5,will it automatically help in improving SEO?

  3. September 19, 2012

    @ankit SEO has many factors to it, but generally CQ5 makes it easier to get SEO right. Some of the out of the box features such as SEO friendly urls, templates and easily accessed metadata properties make it easy to automate some of the “technical” parts of SEO. The other is content, and the fact that CQ5’s easy to use interface allows Content Authors to keep content fresh without requiring developers and long publish times definitely helps.

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