Lowering your costs while increasing business efficiency

My latest round of presentations across Australia have been based on the topic of “Lowering your costs while increasing business efficiency”. Clearly in the current economic climate we’ve seen many projects put on hold due to budget cuts, yet a more agile approach would be to start with some quick wins that were aligned to the “future vision”.

In the presentation I covered four key areas;

  • Collaborating in real time in live meetings & training
  • Requesting reviews & feedback of information with tracking
  • Managing & controlling your content inside & outside of your organisation
  • Using forms & process to collect structured information

Using a combination of Adobe Acrobat, Connect & LiveCycle ES technologies I showed many examples of how organisations can improve their business in a matter of days & weeks, rather than months and years. In fact, most of the case studies shown went live in around 6 weeks. Allowing business people to create more content and interact with each other in more engaging ways than just email has immediate benefits, without extensive training.

Here are my slides;

Apart from making the slides available, below is a link to the PDF Portfolio that was sent out to the attendees. Be patient as it’s a 95Mb download (chock full of videos) but all you need to view it is Adobe Reader 9.

Adobe Breakfast Presentation – PDF Portfolio

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