Weekend in Perth

The weekend has come and gone so quick and tonight I’m in the hotel room doing the last bit of prep work for tomorrow’s Adobe presentation.

So what to do in Perth over the weekend?

1. Ruth & I visited Fremantle, cathing the train for $3.20 each from Perth and arriving about 25 minutes later on the edge of “Freo”. Spent time walking through the town, looked at the markets, visited the old gaol and had fish and chips for dinner before catching the bus back to Perth. Nice.
2. Visited the Swan Valley winery area – Stopping at the Margaret Valley Chocolate Company store for taste testing and sipping many a wine. Stopping for lunch at the Duckstein brewery for a bit of german food. Yum
DSCF3636.JPG3. Driving to “The Pinnacles” 3 hours north of Perth to see fantastic limestone monuments jutting out of the sand desert. Narrowly missing snakes keeping warm on the road and reptiles trying to get across the road before we splat them, while us ourselves trying not to be splatted by 3 trailer road trains. Nature is Awesome
4. Finding the Maltida Bay Brewing Company that is responsible for a favourite brew of mine. Mmmm Beer
Anyway, off to bed so i can be fresh tomorrow for Day 1 of the Australian Adobe roadshow…

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