Adobe Pacific on the move next week. Perth, Adelaide, Auckland & Wellington here we come!

Adobe Australia’s Creative Suite guru Mike Stoddart & I hit the road next week (well.. airport lounge) and head west towards Perth (Tuesday) & Adelaide (Thursday). Mike will be covering the brand new Acrobat 8, now part of Creative Suite 2.3 as well as a whole lot of information on the rest of the suite, including 90 minutes just on Photoshop. I’ll be covering both Dreamweaver 8, now also part Creative Suite 2.3 as well as Adobe’s Production Studio for video. If you’re from one of these cities, register using the link below and come and say hi!
At the same time Steve Nichols, Lindsay Brown & Brian Chau will be heading to Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand to cover the same content as above, with Lindsay spending time in a seperate stream for business oriented users on Acrobat 8.

These are just a few of the cities we’ll be travelling to in the upcoming weeks so please check out the Adobe events pages below. Personally this is my first visit to Perth & Adelaide (ok, so i was there when i was 2 but that doesnt count) and i look forward to exploring as much as i can!

Adobe Creative Suite 2.3 Seminar Agenda & Registration

Adobe Acrobat 8 Launch Agenda & Registration 

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