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This morning I was woken after only 4 hours of sleep in Singapore to hear French supporters 16 floors below me cheer at the 1st French goal of the World Cup Final. Little did they know what was to come!. I ended up staying awake to watch the rest of the game, and by that time it was time to get up!
This World Cup has been interesting.. my first reminder that the games had begun was one night in June when i was woken up by hooligans in Melbourne. Following that, our friendly Qantas pilot was announcing Australian WC game scores as we flew from Sydney to Singapore almost 4 weeks ago. We caught an English game in a small little pub in Cornwall (they get very passionate about football in Cornwall) and then watched Australia make it to the quarter finals in an Australian Pub in Swansea, Wales. All the locals were shouting “we want the convicts to win!!” 🙂

Dissapointment came when Italy were wrongfully awarded a penalty in the last minute of the game that mean that Australia would go no further. Ruth and I were in Lodz, Poland, in the hotel room pacing.. not being able to understand a word the Polish commentators were saying, except for the odd “Vaadooookkaaa”. Understandably we were even more depressed when we spent the final night before leaving with my Polish family.

Apart from that, we saw England lose (a Mark lose $70), and the next day France win while in Paris, then spent two nights with Adobe collegues some from France, some from Germany jump and down and scream as their teams did there best.

Quite an experience really.. can’t wait for the next World Cup.. i’ll have to go to Europe again!

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