Nice – London – Singapore

After a week with the Adobe pre sales technical team in Europe, i’m now back in London at the airport about to board a flight to Singapore. Meeting with my colleagues is always a great experience, as we share our knowledge of how Adobe technology is applied all over the world. I learnt plenty of new tips and tricks but also managed to socialise with them as well – Tip #1:Don’t try and have a decent discussion in the same room as the French team watching the World Cup game. It was way too noisy 🙂
I had a great time in Nice, and managed to get out and about today to visit the town of Antibes, which has some very nice old style streets full of shops, markets and restaurants. Unfortunately I had to cut my day short and head to the airport to fly to London.

My continuing travel tradition has not let me down, and as expected I saw someone famous on my plane (previously I’ve seen Naomi Watts and Magda Szubanski among others) but this it was really special.. Gandalf / Sir Ian McKellan. Obviously life in showbiz isnt as good as expected as i was upgraded to buiness class and he was in economy! That now makes 5 trips in a row where i’ve been in the presence of stars..

So now I prepare for another 12 odd hours of uncomfortable boredom (i tried to upgrade weeks ago but Qantas didnt come to the party) for my last part of my journey, 4 days in Singapore. Home is getting closer!

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