Day 2 in South Dakota

Tonight, Ruth & I spend our second night in South Dakota.

I flew back to LA on Friday, met up with Ruth and we spent the afternoon & evening walking along Venice Beach and dining in Santa Monica.

Yesterday we flew to Rapid City, South Dakota for a short 3 day holiday. Arriving just after lunch, we grabbed a hire car and headed straight out to Deadwood. As i’ve previously mentioned, Ruth and I are fans of the HBO TV series based on the town, so it was interesting to look with a new set of eyes. We certainly appreciated the town more on this visit.

Staying at the Bullock Hotel, build by the 1876 Sheriff of the town Seth Bullock, we were able to enjoy the full day’s entertainment. We visited the place where Wild Bill Hickock was shot, took part in the trial of his shooter Jack McCall (I was part of the jury!) and finally had dinner in ‘The GEM’, one of the first saloon’s to open in Deadwood (and featured heavely in the TV series).

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