Ruth & I are now in Ottawa, Canada. We were proven once again that you can never arrive at LAX airport early enough and made our flight by 2 minutes 🙁

Yesterday we drove to San Diego to visit a Native American pow wow. We spent an hour or so watching some native dancing & singing. It was truly an inspiring experience.

After this we drove to Disney territory and although this time did not enter either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure, we occupied ourselves for a few hours in Downtown Disney eating & shopping.

The day before i had my first ever visit to Frys. For those in Australia that do not know of Fry’s. Think HardwareHouse for IT. Its amazing, i bought a tonne of stuff while Ruth slept in the car 🙂

Also did a little shopping in GuitarCentre. No aussie muso should leave the US without visiting one of these stores. They put the Oz stores to shame.

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